Woman With Two Vaginas Talks To Tyra Banks

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Lauren Williams is an exceptional medical phenomenon. The woman was born with two vaginas, and had her first televised interview with Tyra Banks, which airs today.

The 29-year-old woman says that everything she would experience with one vagina, she has with two. She reveals to Tyra, "I’ve got two uteruses. Just one to each (fallopian tube), then they go down to two cervixes, and then it did go down to the two vaginas."

When asked if she endures two menstrual cycles, she responded with, "I think so because my periods generally last about 21 days…When I was a teenager I had really heavy periods…I would have to change pads every hour."

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Of course, Tyra had to ask about whether Lauren can have children, despite her unique condition. Doctors believe it is possible. She explains, "The doctor in England said pregnancy-wise, it should be okay…if I do get pregnant it should push the other uterus over to one side and keep it out of the way. Me and my partner would need to plan on using condoms just in case I got pregnant in the other one."

Wow. Can you imagine that?! One is certainly enough, I can’t imagine having two!


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