Oh Y’Know, Just Video Of A Wolf Wandering The Halls Of A Sochi Olympian’s Hotel

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Screenshot from Kate Hansen's video of a wolf wandering the halls at Sochi Olympics 2014Luger Kate Hansen has had a pretty big week at the Sochi Olympics. First a GIF of her warming up by dancing around to Beyonce exploded on the internets, and now I suspect she's about to have her second brush with going viral after filming what she thinks is a wolf (??) roaming the halls of her hotel in Sochi.

Oh and she also accomplished her Olympic goal of finishing in the top ten in luge at her first Olympics, at age twenty-one. But WHATEVER. Don't we all do that in our twenty-first year? I certainly meant to, but I might've been distracted by all the beer and pasta lying around and all the schoolwork that needed to be ignored. #blessed

But anyway, Kate should be medaling in right-place-right-time at this point, because she definitely knows what the internet wants. We always love us some dancing around to Bey, and you know we love seeing how bougey it is over in Sochi. So when Kate posted a video of A LITERAL WOLF STALKING THROUGH THE HALLS OF HER HOTEL with the caption  “I'm pretty sure this is a wolf wandering my hall in Sochi,” everyone was pretty ready to be on board.

It's just…I'm sorry. Can we get it together with the hotels over there please? Just to give you some context, typically hotels are those large-ish buildings made up of a bunch of rooms. Ideally they're finished by the time people want to stay in them, and they come complete with all manner of niceties like door knobs, locks (that both lock and unlock!), shower curtains, and even lightbulbs!

Once you have paid for one, it won't be given to another weary traveler, because it is generally considered poor form to come back from an excursion to find your locks changed and a stranger sleeping in a bed that you are also paying for. And finally — they have room for everyone! Except wolves. No room for wolves.

I hope this has been helpful, Sochi. Please pull it THE FUCK together before the Closing Ceremonies on Sunday. (Yeah right.)