Wiz Khalifa Skipped A Court Appearance So He Could Lose To Megan Fox At Pictionary

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Wiz Khalifa Pictionary Tonight Show August 2014

Rapper Wiz Khalifa was supposed to appear in court in El Paso yesterday in relation to a May arrest, but he didn't show up for it. However, he did show up in New York for his scheduled appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. So that has to count for something, right? Right? Well, not if you consider that there's now a bench warrant out for his arrest. But there was Pictionary, you guys! Pictionary is way more fun than boring court appearances! Surely the judge will understand that! Or not.

Wiz was arrested in El Paso back in May for trying to sneak marijuana onto a plane. At the time he tweeted a selfie from the jail, captioning it… “Jail selfie.” There's just so much class, it hurts to look at it.

Wiz kept his IDGAF approach to life going yesterday when he flaunted his lack of court-appearing by going on national television. Call me crazy, but if I missed a court appearance (I of course wouldn't because I'm an angel and wouldn't have been arrested in the first place, but let's be hypothetical here), I would probably try to fly under the radar, not flaunt my whereabouts all over late-night TV. That's just me, though.

But perhaps the most pathetic part of this whole story is that Wiz didn't even win the Pictionary game. Sorry for spoiling that if you're the type of person who wants to be surprised by late-night talk show games. Wiz and Jimmy were paired up against Nick Cannon and Megan Fox, and dammit the Cannon and the Fox beat them. So now there's a warrant out for his arrest and he doesn't even have the title of Pictionary champion to make up for it. Are you happy, Wiz Khalifa? Have you learned your lesson?

If you're interested, below you can watch the first part of this very important worth-missing-a-court-appearance-and-becoming-a-wanted-man game of Pictionary. #YOLO.