Lacey Schwimmer Is Trying to Be the Next Julianne Hough

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Dancing with the Stars pro Lacey Schwimmer has just released her first single, and it's a Real Housewives-style Autotune masterpiece called “LoveSoundz.” It has all the makings of a reality star single: generic lyrics, thumpy club beat, misspelled title, and complete overproduction. The only thing it's missing is some bitching about things costars say on Twitter.

Lacey's former Dancing costar Julianne Hough has carved out a decent music career for herself and has catapulted into musical movies like Footloose and the upcoming Tom Cruise project Rock of Ages, so I'm sure Lacey wants in on a piece of that action. Lacey's newish blonde hair certainly points her in the Julianne direction. But is Lacey willing to fake-date Ryan Seacrest for awhile if that's what it takes to jump start her career?