Meet The Hottest US Athletes Competing In The 2014 Winter Olympics

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In a few days, we'll get to enjoy the beauty and athleticism of winter sports, all while staying warm and sedentary on our couches. The 2014 Winter Olympics take place from February 6th to the 23rd in Sochi, Russia. Athletes from all over the world will compete for fame, glory and medals in the freezing cold. You thought the polar vortex was bad? Try making your country proud on a snowboard while dealing with those temperatures.

The United States is sending 230 men and women to compete in Sochi. As someone who's never even been in a chair lift, I'm no expert on winter sports. But I am quite fond of attractive athletes:125 men will be donning red, white and blue and showing the world their gorgeousness skills. It's obviously super impressive to be an Olympic athlete, and I applaud each and every competitor. To be considered a hot Olympic athlete is an even higher honor. So without further ado, click through to see the hottest male athletes competing for the US in the 2014 Winter Olympics. Since I compiled the list, can I call dibs on each one?

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