Winona Ryder Confused By Definition Of ‘Internet’

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Winona Ryder Confused By Definition Of  Internet  winona ryder 212x200 jpgActress and shoplifter Winona Ryder doesn’t use the Internet, and she’s proud of it! At least that’s what she thinks, according to her recent Elle magazine interview:
“I have my email on my Blackberry, and that’s about it,” the actress explained (we imagine with her tiny arms crossed, while nodding vigorously). Which is great except completely wrong.

Using your blackberry for email is using the Internet, meatball. Winona could say she doesn’t have much use for the web, which is where all the blogs and websites that write mean things about Winona live. But the actual Internet is the system of computers that allow things like emailing on your smartphone to actually exist.

Unfortunately Winona Ryder, you do use the Internet. And when the machines rise up and destroy all the humans, you’ll have wished you’d have known that difference when buying a GPS system for your car.