I Don’t Need A Beetlejuice Sequel, Just Let Me Listen To Winona Ryder Talk About It

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I Don t Need A Beetlejuice Sequel  Just Let Me Listen To Winona Ryder Talk About It Winona Ryder Seth Meyers August 2015 jpg

Last night Winona Ryder was on Late Night With Seth Meyers, and she confirmed rumors that she’ll be starring in a sequel to Beetlejuice, although she didn’t have many more details beyond that. Look, Beetlejuice is my favorite Halloween movie. (Yes, I like it even more than Hocus Pocus — GASP!) And it’s for that very reason that I don’t want a sequel to happen. It’s a delightful classic that doesn’t need revisiting. Just leave it be and let me enjoy it on its own every October on ABC Family.

Of course, just because I don’t want a Beetlejuice sequel doesn’t mean I’m against hearing Winona Ryder talk about the movie’s legacy. Or about anything, really, since she’s pretty delightful. It helps that Seth is interviewing her, because he’s amazing at it and always gets the most natural interviews out of his guests. Winona is kind of my ultimate ’90s idol, so it’s nice to see her doing a fun new talk show interview and not shoplifting. She talks about how happy she is that kids these days recognize her as Lydia Deetz, and how TSA agents sometimes ask her to say “Beetlejuice” three times before passing through security. As Seth points out, there are worse things to have to do at the airport.

Then after they’re done talking about Beetlejuice, Winona fangirls over Fred Armisen texting her, saying she thought it was a prank. She apparently wants to be on Portlandia, which absolutely must happen. And she’s just so excited to be back on Seth’s show and is generally so sweet, and I kind of want her to be a permanent guest now. But I say that about pretty much everyone Seth interviews. Have I mentioned yet that he’s really good at it? Because he is.