An Actual Excerpt Proving George R. R. Martin Is Working On Game Of Thrones

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Jon Snow I'm ready GIF from Game Of Thrones

We all are, Jon Snow.

Okay, everyone gather around and speak in very quiet whispers, because we don't want to scare him and ruin it, but we have some actual physical proof that George R. R. Martin is working on the sixth book in the Song Of Ice And Fire series, The Winds Of Winter. NO STOP IT QUIT SCREAMING YOU'LL SPOOK HIM.

If you're still staring dumbly at me because you've never read the books in question, perhaps this will spark your memory — it's the series that HBO's Game Of Thrones is based on. And while a new season of GoT comes out pretty much every year, the books are moving at a decidedly slower pace — the last one came out in July 2011 — to the point that George had to sit down with the show's creators to let them know how the series ended, in case the show has to pass the books. Or, y'know, if he dies before they're completed or something. He's honestly moving at such a slow pace that it's been brought up as a possibility.

But hark! He writes! And as proof, he uploaded an excerpt from book six, which you can read here. Obviously it's chock full of spoilers, but from the gentle skim that I took over it, it seems to only be truly devastating to people who've seen the show but not read the books. I've done both, and aside from being momentarily confused by the complete lack of context, I didn't feel too jarred by new information coming at me. Mostly because it was about Arya Stark (!!!), but also because I'm just grateful that work is being done. (Although to be fair, George released a different preview chapter over a year ago, and very little has changed since then.)

So who knows what this means as far as an eventual release date, but if he keeps giving us an exerpt every fourteen months, we should see this book in approximately…never. Sigh.

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