Continuing His Quest To Win The Nobel Peace Prize, Josh Hutcherson Offers Dinner With Him For Charity

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win dinner with Josh Hutcherson Abby Marsh Trust Fund auction car accidentThat's it. There must be an army of Josh Hutcherson clones wandering around, because I honestly do not know how this boy manages to be doing all the things. He's beefing up for Catching Fire, he's playing in charity basketball games… and now he's auctioning off a dinner date with him for charity. Better yet, the proceeds benefit Abby Marsh, a girl from his alma mater who is paralyzed from the shoulders down after suffering a broken neck in a car accident this past May.

And because Josh isn't cruel, he's offering five people the chance to dine with him. There will be five different auctions, run by the Abby Marsh Trust Fund, and one winner from each will get to have a big group dinner with Josh. That's actually a really smart move, because I feel like when you have these one-on-one celebrity prizes it's always awkward since the winner is all starstruck or majorly crushing or both, and there's uncomfortable small talk.

Of course, it doesn't matter how awkward you are if you can back it up with some cool cash. Currently the highest bid is at $2,550; and considering that the promo video has only 300 YouTube views, shit is gonna get real very soon. This video was obviously recorded a while ago, since it features a brunette Josh and we know that he's already dyed his hair back to Platinum Peeta. (Seriously, how is that not being marketed? You're welcome, men's haircare companies.) But his sweetness and generosity come through, so it's worth sharing around.

You better hurry up and empty your college savings, 'cause the auction ends August 18th!

Photo: FayesVision/WENN.com