Willow Smith Is Taking A Break From Acting, And I Really Hope Her Family Follows Suit

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Willow Smith at the Hunger Games premiere November 2013In case you were wondering why Willow Smith didn't accept the title role in Annie that was offered to her, it's because she's taking a little break from acting right now. RIGHT NOW. At age thirteen, she's already ended a career. What is going on with the world.

The role ultimately went to Quvenzhané Wallis, which is probably good (for everyone except Ryan Seacrest, who was really hoping he could stick with ‘Lil Q' and get away with never actually learning her name), because it leaves Willow more time to focus on the vague, rambling statements that the rest of her family is known for. Para examples:

“I just wanted to chill, and be at home, and decompress, and just find out what I wanna do and where I stand on this planet, with the little tiny place we have.”

Ah yes, this tiny little place we have. I shall assume you mean Los Angeles, which your parents Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith settled in the early 1990s, and will pass on to you once you come of age. Everything the light touches…is yours.

Asked to explain why she turned down the role, Willow said:

“I just feel like I want to do it different than the world's ready for. I'm enjoying just being independent and doing my own thing.”

Ah yes. ‘I'm enjoying being independent'…said the seventh-grader. Oh boy.

All I can say is Willow, if you're dead set on quitting acting, just do me a favor and talk the rest of your family into doing the same thing. I just think that if you all band together, you can come up with some really weird stuff, y'know? That's if you can get your dad and your brother to quit tongue-kissing for long enough to build up some momentum.

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