Willow Smith Releases A New Music Video But Forgets To Exploit Her Famous Parents

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Eleven year-old Willow Smith, daughter of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith, just released an new old new video for her song ‘Do It Like Me (Rockstar)'. According to this article, the ‘Do It Like Me' video was the first one that Willow ever made, but apparently it's been in a shoebox under her bed or something, because this is the first time she's released it publicly for her fans.

In it, Willow travels across the globe to exotic locations like Paris and New York to dance in front of monuments, whip her hair back and forth, and generally be as self-assured as any human adult. I'd assume that's a side-effect of having international celebrities as parents and not having to go to school because you don't want to, but I guess I'll never know. Only one of my parents was an international celebrity, and I haven't yet found out which one.

Speaking of her parents, where are Willow's? I have this problem where I take music videos and songs really seriously and I can't watch them out of context. (Example: I can't listen to ‘Irreplaceable' by Beyonce objectively, because we all know who she was dating at the time that song came out, and there is no conceivable way that everything Jay-Z owns is gonna fit in any ‘box to the left'. Get real, lady.) So because of that brain disorder of mine, I can't stop imagining this vacation that Willow (and Jaden, who also has a cameo in the vide0) are on without their parents. It's all very Baby's Day Out or Home Alone in here. It's a Mary-Kate and Ashley style coming-of-age tale about two famous orphans just trying to make it in this crazy world.

That said, the song itself is pretty catchy, and instead of going down the Toddlers and Tiaras route, Willow is actually behaving very age-appropriately. In a world full of Mileys and Demis and Lindsays, it's probably good for pre-teen kids just to have a role model whose craziest attribute is her hair. So I won't hate. Just, Willow…do me a solid and throw your parents into a video sometime. Just so I know they still exist. And also so Macauley Culkin and I can stop booby-trapping your house trying to catch Joe Pesci.

(Image: soultrain.com)