Willow Smith Photographed In Bed With A 20-Year-Old Man, Which Is A Problem Since She’s 13

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Willow Smith Moises Arias bed Instagram May 2014

There are new photos making the rounds of Willow Smith, daughter of Will and Jada, lying on a bed with 20-year-old actor Moises Arias. Moises is very much shirtless in the photo, and Willow is very much 13 years old, which a lot of people would agree is pretty inappropriate.

According to TMZ, the photos were posted along with other images of Willow, her brother Jaden, and the Jenner sisters. (Yes, the Jenner sisters are everywhere.) Moises apparently deleted the photo from his Instagram, but this is the Internet, so of course it still exists for us to look at and feel weirded out about. Moises is known for playing Rico on Hannah Montana. And like I said, he's also known for being 20 years old. So the fact that he's lying half naked on a bed with a 13-year-old isn't so appropriate, and people are definitely raising their eyebrows over it.

The nature of the photo and the age difference definitely creep me out, but am I the only one who initially did a double take upon learning that Willow Smith is just 13? Not only do I feel like she's existed in pop culture for twice that long, but she doesn't exactly act her age. Did you see that photo of her from last month looking like a jaded 30-year-old? And before that, she was already starring in a music video having a romantic exchange with an older guy. And that was last summer, when she was still 12. A 12-year-old having a romantic exchange with anyone other than a magazine cutout of One Direction creeps me out, but especially when he's older than her.

It doesn't help that Will and Jada seem to take such a “Wait, we have kids?” approach to parenting, coupled with the fact that child stars these days, especially girls, seem to be in some kind of race to grow up the fastest. Whatever happened to having a childhood? Do those exist anymore, or are they just urban legends?

(Photo: Instagram, via Twitter)