This Photo Proves That Willow Smith Accidentally Skipped Her Whole Childhood

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Willow, Jada, and Will Smith attending a UFC event in Las Vegas February 2014(Photo: Ethan Miller / Getty Images Entertainment)

I don't know how long it's been since you saw a photo of Willow Smith, but if it's anywhere close to how long it's been for me, you're about to get your mind blown a little bit.

Perhaps the image of her that's in your head is from those hair whipping back and forth days of yore, but that's definitely not the thirteen-year old who showed up at Puff Daddy‘s son Christian Combs' sweet sixteen birthday party recently. Yeah that's right, she's still thirteen, even though in photos from the event she's wearing so much look that I could've conceivably mistaken her for one of the hosts of the party or something.

She had on a blue jumpsuit, long braided dreads, a delicate golden necklace, and so much eyeshadow and lipstick that when I first clicked on the photo and it popped up, I out loud said, ‘whoa'.

I honestly feel like one of your parents adult friends who sees you every two years at a party and is newly shocked by the miracle of human growth every time, but WILLOW LOOKS SO GROWN UP. And not in a pinch your cheeks kind of way, but an I would probably rent you a car sort of way. Whatever happened to her childhood, right? At her age, I was still rocking a frizzy mat of hair and a sturdy set of braces. Or maybe I hadn't even gotten to that stage yet, and I was still in overalls and bandanas? That's probably closer to correct.

Whatever stage of adulthood Willow is at now, it's one that I haven't even achieved yet, and I'm twice her age. What's happening, universe? What vortex of aging did this whole family fall into that makes them experience time differently than the rest of us?