William And Kate Met Beyonce And Jay-Z, And The World Somehow Managed Not To Explode

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William And Kate Met Beyonce And Jay Z  And The World Somehow Managed Not To Explode William and Kate meeting Beyonce and Jay Z December 2014 jpg

Did you sleep last night? You did? HOW? Don’t you know what happened a matter of hours ago? Prince William and Kate Middleton met Beyonce and Jay-Z. To borrow a joke from every single person on the Internet, one royal couple met another royal couple. Has anyone checked how the Earth is rotating? Is the core okay? Did the oceans rise? Do we need to build an ark? No? Everything’s cool? Weird. I thought I’d wake up to The Day After Tomorrow.

The meeting of course happened as part of the royal couple’s current visit to New York. They didn’t meet in a secret jewel-encrusted room and drink champagne while comparing hair follicles. They met in public. At a basketball game. The Nets vs. Cavaliers game at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center, to be specific. William and Kate were originally going to just watch the game from a VIP box, but for the second half they sat courtside. How literally down-to-earth is that? I knew I liked those two.

Bey and Jay were sitting only a few seats away, so a meeting was bound to take place, and it did during a break in the game. Lucky for us normals, it was captured in Vine form. And as we all know, if it wasn’t recorded in a Vine, it didn’t happen. So thankfully we have proof.

If you have dog hearing and/or can read lips, maybe you can tell us what they were talking about. Perhaps they were setting up to have Blue Ivy babysit little George while the grown-ups go out on the town. Blue Ivy’s older than George; she can babysit him, right? I don’t know anything about kids.

In case the flawless hair wasn’t enough proof for you, there’s also this handy shot from another angle to show that Duchess Kate was indeed there.

So there you have it. It happened, we saw it, and we’re somehow all still alive. It’s almost like Beyonce and Jay-Z aren’t actual gods. Amazing.