Will Smith Gets To First Base With Jaden On TV And In Related News, I Need To Go Bleach My Brain

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Will Smith Gets To First Base With Jaden On TV And In Related News  I Need To Go Bleach My Brain Will Smith Kisses Jaden Smith Thai TV Interview jpg

I’ve made a big mistake this morning and now I want you to do it too. Please watch this horribly uncomfortable video of Will Smith forcibly kissing his teenage son Jaden Smith during an interview for no discernible reason. Then please join me as I try to re-enact the plot of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and erase this memory immediately. What, why, huh, who, child services?

Before you ruin your day, let me tell you a little bit about this interview. Will and Jaden are currently in Thailand promoting their father-son film After Earth. As we’ve seen throughout this entire press tour, Will Smith’s currently working on a new role called behaving like an insane person. While we always knew that his Scientology membership entitled him to a season pass on the crazy train, we never quite realized just how wacky he was until a few weeks ago.  We’re left wondering if we totally missed all the signs or he just recently decided to find the nearest swimming pool and go off the deep end.

Regardless of the answer, he’s clearly forgotten what’s cool and what’s not cool in the world of living, breathing human beings. Here’s what’s cool: performing the Fresh Prince theme song because you’re aware that nothing gets our nostalgia engines going like a shout out to West Philadelphia. Here’s what’s not cool: kissing your son with an open mouth during a TV interview while he resists you. But you know what, that’s just my personal opinion. You should watch the video below (skip to 4:40ish) and come up with your own thoughts on what went down on The Woody Show.