The Best Thing You’ll See All Weekend: Will Smith, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Alfonso Ribierto Perform Fresh Prince Song

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Will Smith Jaden Smith Fresh Prince Song Graham Norton Show May 24 2013

I noticed a lot of people were talking about this video yesterday, and I didn't watch it or think much of it because Will Smith performed the theme from Fresh Prince of Bel-Air the last time he was on The Graham Norton Show.  Boy am I glad I checked it out first thing this morning – I think it cured my hangover, it's that good.

It starts out with Will and son Jaden Smith having a little fun, then DJ Jazzy Jeff gets thrown into the mix for the best rendition of the theme song I've ever heard.  And then, like a beacon of light filled with thousands of tender doves, Alfonso Ribierto (for the youngins-  that's Carlton Banks to you) pops out of nowhere to engage in a Tom Jones/Carlton dance resurrection that has pretty much already made my entire day worth living.

Aside from the brilliant performance, I think my favorite part of the entire thing would be Heather Graham‘s awkward white girl dancing in the background. She and Bradley Cooper must have been guests on the show there to promote Hangover IIIwhen the party really started.  I gotta hand it to Heather though – sister doesn't give one shit about looking ridiculous and clearly not knowing what's going on.  She obviously did not spend the better part of the early 90's enjoying the antics of the Banks family like the rest of us did.  The only thing that could have possibly made this video even better?  Bradley Cooper “jumping on it.”