Dear Everyone Who Retweeted This Fake Will Smith Tweet About Uncle Phil, You’re An Idiot

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Will Smith 2013 MTV VMAs Red Carpet August

Look, I didn't think I'd have to give out my first 2014 Sorry-Not-Sorry this early in the year. But thanks to this redonkulous Will Smith tweet that's going around, I'm forced to do it. So here's goes: sorry I'm not sorry that people fell for this tweet from “Will Smith” about doing a Fresh Prince of Bel-Air reunion in honor of Uncle Phil. I mean, come on. Every single part of it screams fake. I know people got caught up in mourning James Avery — which is understandable because it's always incredibly sad when someone passes away suddenly — but it's still insane to me that they got so caught up that they didn't take a moment to think through this tweet before retweeting this.

So let's talk about the tweet that has me so hot and bothered and run through why it's so obviously a fake. Partially because I can't believe people are so stupid and partially because I want to help you know what to look for the next time a Twitter scam starts going around. Heaven forbid a Crushable reader ever fall for this nonsense!

1. The handle isn't verified. While there are some super cool Brooklyn-y celebrities who don't verify, Will Smith would not be one of them. Have you ever seen the guy interviewed? He's always one day away from divorcing Jada Pinkett-Smith and marrying himself.

2. @FreshPrinceWill? Really? Sure that was his breakout show, but I think we all know he's made enough movies since then that he can just go by his name. Or at the very least by @GettingJiggyWithItWill.

2a. Also, this handles actually @FreshPrinceWiii. Sure, I know, capital I's can be tricky. But any internet sleuth knows that's a go-to letter for fake celebrities. What's next, you're confusing o's with 0's? You're better than that.

3. If Will Smith needed to get in touch with NBC, he would pick up his phone and call them. While I'm no celebrity insider (source, close friend or otherwise), I'm 100% positive that studios and networks don't make business deals via Twitter DM. Scratch that, I'm 110% positive.

4. 300,000 people? King of Queens reruns get double that. Maybe. I made that up. But still, 300,000 people seems incredibly low for this sort of thing.

5. No.

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