Start Your Day Right With Will Forte’s Weird Story About Living With Val Kilmer

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Will Forte James Corden March 2016

We all have that one roommate story, right? Someone we lived with when we were in college or when we were just starting out on our own, or maybe even a significant other, who did something gross or weird or annoying that we now share with people as a funny anecdote. Well, Will Forte has one of those stories, except he's got us all beat because his is about living with former movie star/current dude who shows up in stuff sometimes Val Kilmer.

Will, who has regrown half his body hair, told the story on last night's Late Late Show With James Corden. Will and Val were apparently good enough friends after starring in MacGruber together that Val moved in with Will for what Will thought would only be a few days but turned out to be a few months. Before he starts the story, Will makes sure to add the disclaimer that he was “the best roommate” except for this one thing. This one thing was that the kitchen had apparently reeked for a week, until Will thought to look in the washing machine. That's when he discovered some unpleasant things.

There was apparently a pool of water in the machine that was, in Will's words, “like a swamp.” Once he cleaned it out, he opened the dryer and found “a waterlogged and mildewed for about a week pillow.” Val had apparently attempted to wash and dry it but hadn't exactly been successful, and then he'd just left it there. For a week. While the kitchen smelled more and more disgusting. Val apparently claimed it was his assistant, but nobody's buying it. My big question is, did Val just go without a pillow for a week, or did he do what James suggests here and buy a new one? After all, he was Batman.