There’s A Lot of Face-Sucking in Will Ferrell’s Superbowl Ad

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Last night on the Superbowl, a ‘stache-lipped Will Ferrell made out with an Asian woman on a bus in an Old Milwaukee beer advert. And it made all of our morning commutes less interesting by comparison. You've probably seen it quite a few times already cause of the good ole' internet, but let's watch it once more. Because I feel like we're that close to finding a some mind-blowing subliminal message.

It's a real head-scratcher, right? Why is Will Ferrell making out with this lady? Who is she? Where are they going? How is nobody on the bus shooting acid looks at them?  And why Old Milwaukee? It's basically the kind of ultra-light stuff made for drinking games played on a plank of wood in high school. Sort of like Natural Ice, about the same alcohol content– 4.6% to be exact. Thanks, Wikipedia! So, sloppy make outs seem to be totally not out of the realm of comprehension.

But this ad is special. It's one of a series Ferrell has done for the Midwestern beer brand, and it's all pro bono work. The exchange is that he has creative license to make the commericals as absurd as he wants. He told Eater San Diego “[These commercials have] given creative freedom to revive a brand and shoot crazy fun commercials.” What's unfortunate is that the ads only air in limited parts of the country. Last night's spot was in 3 towns– Sherman, Texas, Ardmore, Okla., and Glendive, Montana.  Here's another one that was released last year, featuring little else beyond Will Ferrell in a field of wheat. The commercial aired only in North Platte, Nebraska.

So, it's ok to feel left out. But luckily, the internet exists! One of the ideas behind the collaboration is that the commercials will go viral, so Will Ferrell is certainly doing more than his part to resurrect the classic label. Not to mention, he really believes in what he's selling.  “Old Milwaukee makes a product to get you drunk,” he said. “It's good in eight or nine or ten samplings. You can't just enjoy one.”

So with that logic, crack open a beer, hop on a bus, and see what happens. Should be a great time!

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