Will Billy Elliot Be The Next Spiderman? Jamie Bell Among Top Candidates For Franchise Star

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You'd think that since director Sam Raimi and star Tobey Maguire have both refused to be involved in the new Spiderman film, the producers would just kill the idea completely. But Hollywood is a money-making machine, not a good-idea factory (as best evidenced by this superhero sketch), so Sony is rebooting the series, taking Peter Parker to high school with 500 Days Of Summer director Marc Webb at the helm. So who will be the new web-slinger? JustJared is reporting the top candidates, and the only name we recognize is Jamie Bell, the Billy Elliot star who grew up to be quite a hunk. (Sorry Logan Lerman, see you in Perks Of Being A Wallflower!) We check out him and the other potential Spideys below.

Jamie Bell

Best known for: Billy Elliot, growing up to look like a hot Culkin.

Why he'd make a good Spidey: He's got name recognition, and ups the chances of a dance sequence in the film.

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