Watching Will Arnett Become GOB On Inside The Actors Studio Is The Opposite Of A Huge Mistake

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Will Arnett as GOB huge mistakeThe cast of Arrested Development was on Inside the Actors Studio last night on Bravo. You might have missed it, because the network didn't send everyone in America a personalized reminder text like they should have, and also because Inside the Actors Studio is on approximately three times a year at random times so it's easy to miss. (Seriously, why is it so infrequent?) But have no fear. There are still some fun moments you can enjoy after the fact, including the part where host James Lipton — who famously guest-starred on the show and freaked everyone out by showing that he doesn't actually have that desk attached to him in everyday life — asked Will Arnett if he could talk to GOB Bluth for a moment.

James asked this of the other actors as well — not if they could be GOB Bluth but rather if they could be their individual characters — but of course since this is Will Arnett it was particularly special. He gets into his GOB posture and his GOB voice — this video really highlights how different it is from his Will Arnett voice — and his BFF and hermano Jason Bateman comments on the transformation. Will even manages to get a quality curse word in there during his improvisation.

I would now like to propose that the cast of Arrested Development start a traveling improv show where they just show up in random places, like ice cream shops and office buildings and my living room when I'm bored, and just start acting out imaginary situations in character. Or they can just focus on making that movie and/or new Netflix season. Whichever comes easier. They're free to juggle both, however, if they feel like it.

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