Why won’t Tori Spelling talk to her mommy?

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Hey there, Snarkarinos! Well, I was kind of intrigued by this little tidbit about how Tori Spelling won't talk to her mom, Candy. STILL. I thought they got all the way over this? Can't we all just get along and let all that lovely money keep going around the family? Shoot, at least to me. A girl could try.

Anyway, Candy's doing that classic passive-aggressive thing, that every mother does to their daughter. Stuff like “I thought you were going to marry that other guy” on your 15th anniversary, not that I would know anything about THAT. Here's what Candy had to say:

“I've tried to talk to her, but that doesn't work. She may not even know why she's angry.”

Uh huh. She also added that she's not met her youngest grandbaby Stella and doesn't see Liam or Dean anymore. I'm getting the biyatch vibe from this lady, like she's the kind that goes into your pantry and rearranges all the cans to face the same way, know what I mean? Psycho!!!