Why Didn’t That Thing We Were Expecting To Happen In Game Of Thrones Happen?

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Right up top, I need you to know that this post is going to have Game Of Thrones spoilers in it. And not from the TV show, either. Even if you're all caught up on every available episode right up until season four, episode ten, there are still spoilers here for you because we need to talk about something from the books that for some reason didn't happen in the TV show. A big ol' something.

So have all the non-book readers cleared out? Get on out of here, you, because I refuse to be yelled at if you read this and get something spoiled for you. I've given you plenty of warning, and I'm gonna start talking about something that we all expected to happen last night that didn't actually happen.

In 3…


…1. Time's up.

Where the eff was Stoneheart? This whole time, I was predicting that she'd show up in the final episode of the season, but we never got to her! As the minutes kept ticking away in the finale last night, I was bargaining with myself, deciding that yeah, there probably wasn't time for a whole scene or anything, but we'd probably get a couple lines of dialogue, right? And as it got even later, I was like okay so no dialogue, but maybe just a zoom up from behind and then a close up on her face, and then we cut directly to black?

But then we cut directly to black, and Catelyn Stark still hadn't come back to life! (Think I put this far enough down the page that no one will accidentally see it and get mad at me? I'm hoping so.) What the eff? As The Wire points out, it does sort of make sense, because we really haven't checked back with any Catelyn storyline since the Red Wedding, which was all the way last season. So maybe it would have been a little abrupt to bring her rushing back after a year in the river.

And I guess it was also way too much to cram in with the murders of Shae and Tywin Lannister already in there, not to mention Jojen Reed‘s death and Bran finally making it to meet The Children but I was bummed! Especially since Lena Headey (who plays Cersei) totally teased the fact that Lady Stoneheart would be showing up with this very insider-y Instagram post from two months ago:

It's captioned ‘My stone heart' and everybody at the time was really pissed about it, because they thought she was revealing a major plot point. But not so! Apparently she was just trying to throw us all off, and if that's true, then she was extremely successful.

But where is this scene gonna fit back in? I just need to know that they're not gonna cut the character completely. They wouldn't, right? I mean RIGHT?!?!?! Please advise.