5 Reasons Why You Want To Watch Chris Crocker’s Documentary Me At The Zoo Tonight

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5 Reasons Why You Want To Watch Chris Crocker s Documentary Me At The Zoo Tonight chriscrocker jpeg

Chris Crocker is the type of internet celebrity that we see only in glimpses. Any Millennial could tell you where s/he was when they first watched his “Leave Britney Alone!” video, but then it was years later that we heard from him again. By then, Chris had dyed his hair (or let it go back to his natural color, not sure which) and seemed to be posting more evenhanded rants to YouTube.

Or maybe that was a bait-and-switch, because now the latest Chris news concerns his new documentary Me at the Zoo. HBO acquired the film after its debut at Sundance earlier this year, and it airs tonight at 9 p.m. EST. You’re probably wondering if it’s worth your time to invest a few hours in this bizarre YouTube star, if he’s as flamboyant as the effeminate teen crying mascara tears over Britney Spears or if anyone even cares who he is anymore.

1. It’s named after the first YouTube video. By his own account, Chris was “raised by the internet” from a young age. When bullied for his sexual orientation, he turned to digital communities. I don’t know if he’s the one who came up with the title or if the directors did, but “Me at the zoo” was the name of the very first video uploaded to YouTube in 2005. What better way to signal that your documentary is about the internet?

2. Chris is often shown as a victim. Confessions of a Boy Toy’s Oscar Raymundo gave a favorable review to the doc, but part of his praise was admiration that Chris Crocker acknowledges and embraces viewers’ hatred for him. He’s portrayed as “a victim of celebrity obsession, internet stardom, online bullying and public stigma.” The latter we knew about, but it’s rare that our uber-accessible, social-media-driven celebrity experience is regarded so negatively. Furthermore, promotional materials for the film draw from not one, but two Twitter hashtags: #ilovechriscrocker and #ihatechriscrocker.

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