Why It Sucks to Be Jessica Simpson Right Now

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Jessica Simpson Visits Macy's Herald Square
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Jessica Simpson has had happier times. Lately her sister is getting all the attention while Jess can't seem to keep her love life or career together.

Here are just a few reasons why it sucks to be Jessica Simpson right now.

1) Ashlee Simpson has a new album and new marriage while Jess sits on the sidelines.
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Like every pair of sisters, the Simpsons have a bit of sibling rivalry. But unlike most sisters, Jessica was always the one that got most of the attention from her parents. Now, suddenly Ashlee is front and center, making headlines with her music and personal life, while Jess has to struggle to get her on and off boyfriend to even take her to Ashlee's wedding.


2.) Jessica has been labeled a jinx and a bad influence for Tony Romo.
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It's bad enough when your boyfriend's friends don't like you, but when thousands of fans have it out for you? When your mere presence at the game makes fans groan with disgust? That's not fun.


3.) Ashlee Simpson has beat out Jess in a hotness poll.

For years Ashlee was the cute little sister, while Jessica was the babe. No matter what was happening in Jessica's life, she could always rely on the fact that at least she got more attention for her looks. And she worked it. This year, however, Ashlee ranked much higher in Maxim's Hot 100 list than Jessica. When you've depended on your looks your whole life, as Jessica has, that's got to hurt.
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4.) Jessica's ex has moved on.

Getting over someone you cared about is hard enough, but when your ex has moved on? That's especially hard. It's no wonder Jessica was rumored to be drowning her sorrows with booze after hearing John Mayer had found love again with Jen Aniston.
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5.) Jessica's love life is in the crapper.
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Her romance with Tony Romo has been on again/off again for months. They break up for a short time and then immediately get back together. But even if they reconcile after this latest argument, it's bound to only be for a short time. Tony is obviously not the one for Jess. But who is? Jessica has been struggling with love since she divorced Nick Lachey. She's probably wondering the same thing we all are. When will cupid find her again?