Why Is Minka Kelly Unrecognizable On The Charlie’s Angels Poster When She’s The Show’s Only Recognizable Star?

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For some reason, the producers of the Charlie's Angels reboot decided to cast two newcomers, to be led by established actress Minka Kelly, as its beautiful-but-deadly trio. The only problem is, no one really recognizes Minka thanks to the Photoshopping on the posters (she's the one in the middle), which kind of defeats the purpose.

Annie Illonzeh and Rachael Taylor aren't total newbies, of course; if you're a soap fan, then you'd definitely know Annie from her 79 episodes on General Hospital, and Rachael just completed an eight-episode run on Grey's Anatomy. But Minka is the best-known, thanks to Friday Night Lights and amazingly-bad movies like The Roommate. (Plus her relationship/recent break-up with Derek Jeter.)

In fact, she's got enough clout that when a Charlie's Angels crew member slapped her on the butt, he got fired. (According to sources, Minka didn't actually want the guy to get canned, but that's ABC's zero-tolerance policy on sexual harrassment.)

When Charlie's Angels the movie came out in 2000, though the combination of the three leads was unusual, they were all stars in their own right: Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore, and Lucy Liu. Even two of the three original Angels were well-known before their show premiered: Kate Jackson worked as an NBC page and starred in a few movies, whereas Farrah Fawcett of course took that iconic swimsuit photo.

So why would ABC squander their best resource—a familiar face from a much-loved show to draw in reluctant viewers?