How Did We Let The Gosselins And Their Petty Crap Back Into Our Lives?

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Kate Gosselin pit bull tweet Jon Gosselin back in the news new reality show eight kids twins sextupletsI hate to be the one to report this, but we're gonna have to declare a Threat Level Orange Gosselin Warning—as in, Jon and Kate Gosselin are back in our lives and our Google Readers. And we were doing so well! We had nearly kicked our Worst Reality Family habit a year ago, when Kate Plus 8 finally went off the air. Even as we started hearing stirrings of Kate shooting a dating show, folks like Jimmy Kimmel mocked it so soundly that we were secure in the knowledge that Kate would not regain her reality throne. Not to mention the fact that Jon was sadly making ends meet by DJing middle school dances.

Then in the past week, suddenly they were all over the news! Late last week, Kate took to Twitter to criticize her ex and his new girlfriend for how they're taking care of her kids. See, Jon's girlfriend Liz Jannetta tweeted this photo of her pit bull snuggling up to one of Jon's children with the caption Photography enables such devotion and feeling… <3 these two. Also, the fact that in her profile picture Liz looks eerily like Kate sets us up for more drama.

Kate Gosselin pit bull twitpic kids attention Jon Gosselin girlfriend back in spotlight Octomom

Not surprisingly, Kate found plenty to criticize, but of course she did so in a passive-aggressive way. For one, she put it on Twitter, but instead of having the stones to write her own tweet, she retweeted someone else's censure of parents letting kids play with pit bulls:

Children who were victims of pit bulls Take a look & see why people care. http://walkforvictimsofpitbulls.blogspot.com

Never mind that the latest news is that Kate is exploiting her eight kids with a new reality show based around the family rather than just her. Exhausted yet? This is the petty drama from the past week, and we might be the ones to blame for bringing these folks back.

So how did the planets have to align for us to start talking and/or caring about these folks again? My theory is that it's tied in with Nadya Suleman checking herself into rehab; I don't think that Octomom and Kate Gosselin can exist in the news cycle at the same time, or else the universe will explode. Or maybe it's simply the same trap as any other habit: We think that indulging in it for “just a little bit” won't harm anyone. But once we're posting and tweeting about Kate, it gives her more ammunition to show network execs that she's still relevant. Then she inevitably does something awful, and we're compelled to write about her more… and the vicious cycle starts up again.

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