Video: It’s Our Generation’s Fault That MTV Stopped Playing Music Videos

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why doesn't MTV play music videos anymore "Ask A Network Head" video funny Brian and Maria

I'm sure that people blame our generation the Millennials for being entitled brats who don't know how to properly carry on a conversation—but wow, I don't think I've witnessed this much vitriol since Chris O'Dowd bitched out Marnie and Jessa on Girls. You might argue that this comedy sketch “Ask A Network Head” is all in fun, but you can't fake that kind of anger. Hats off to comedy group Brian and Maria for making a short that's incisive and a little bit scary, but still funny as shit.

That's Maria Del Carmen as the naive twentysomething complaining about MTV not playing music videos anymore, and Brian Firenzi as the network head who's had about enough of your bitching, thankyouverymuch. I'll admit that I'm guilty of whining about the death of TRL or the fact that VH1's Jumpstart music countdown only plays a one-minute selection of each song instead of the whole music video. Especially after BuzzFeed posted that article that perfectly summed up my life in 2005. But the fake MTV exec's takedown of our generation, and how our devolved tastes have dictated what music videos are actually made up of, is so spot-on I found myself laughing in disbelief. Like this gem:

Puff Daddy used to be able to drive a speedboat through an explosion. At least that looked cool. But now you're lucky if you can make it through some dire, piece-of-shit video without a character checking their hot new iPhone for three seconds at a concert. So no surprise, that gaudy, blatant product shot is the only reason that video got funding in the first place. Why bother otherwise, when you can build an avid Twitter following for free?”


Oh, and of course the fact that we steal music by listening to playlists on Pandora, Spotify, and YouTube rather than actually purchasing the albums. Guilty again. The one part I have to disagree with is how the network head scolds us for being too lazy to look up music videos online. That's not the case! I know exactly where to find them, but personally I really miss watching them on the TV screen. It was a ritual I loved in high school: I'd come home, turn on channel 475 (all music videos, all the time) and do homework while listening and occasionally watching. But I'm an old soul, it seems.

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