Why Does The X Factor Want The Crazy Version Of Britney Spears Back?

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Britney Spears is a new judge on The X Factor, and it's starting to reeeeeally seem to me like the only reason she got that job is because a lot of somebodys are hoping she'll snap, go crazy, shave her head again, and boost ratings. And this is a suspicion that I feel is supported by the fact that the producers also threw Demi Lovato into the mix as a judge, fresh off an interview in which she admits she still struggles with bulimia, cutting, and alludes to past drug use. If they're not building a dormant volcano of crazy, I don't know what they're up to.

Nevermind the fact that it's been years since Britney completely broke down — it seems like the network was really banking on her still being a mess. Ever since it all went down in 2007 (five years ago!), the media can't let go of the little ‘signs and signals' that she's going back there. All I've been reading about lately is news outlets reporting on her obvious state of nerves as evidenced by her ‘chewed up fingernails that she forgot to hide‘, or the fact that she ‘stormed off the set‘ after a contestant butchered her song ‘Hold It Against Me'. Later many sources retracted the story about her storming off-set, after she responded that she was just taking a break, and wasn't upset.

Sigh. What a lot of coverage for one person on one reality show. Considering Britney's a judge on the show, it seems like she's taking a lot more heat so far than any of the contestants. I wish I could say it was a coincidence, but the judges seem desperate to mine any signs of instability out of her, even at the risk of her own health. It's sad to see producers putting the show ratings ahead of the health of one of its judges, but it really does seem to me that that's what's going on.

What do you think?

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