Why Does Rory Say ‘No’ To Jess?

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In ‘Last Week Fights, This Week Tights‘, Jess is trying to be covert while reading the ‘You Deserve Love’ manual. After reading the manual, we see him confront Rory and try to convince her to move to New York with him, to “live together and be together,” saying that she can count on him now (not realizing she’d have to drop everything). Rory, of course, says no (it was a little out of the question).

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This, if you look forward, is pretty much the same thing that Logan does with Rory. Both guys assume that Rory will drop everything in order to go to pursue his dream. Each time, they assume Rory will be ok with this. Perhaps we should have guessed Rory’s answer to Logan when her answer to Jess was also no.

Was Rory right, in this particular case, to say ‘No’ to Jess? Could she have picked up her own dream in New York? Was she saying ‘No’ because she had no feelings for him or because he was asking too much? Or asking too quickly?

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