Why Does Jess Confess Then Leave?

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In ‘Nag Hammadi is Where They Found the Gnostic Gospels‘, we are faced with the fact that Jess has some MAJOR commitment issues!! When he starts seeing Rory around town, it’s clear he has something to say, but is afraid to say it. He keeps running off on Rory, which of course pisses her off (because she’s the one with the right to talk out in a huff!)

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However, after being in town only 24 hours, and Lorelai confronting him saying Rory is “over” Jess, on his way out of town he happens to spot Rory. At this point, we can already see that perhaps Jess has matured – he’s talking to his mom and won’t accept Luke’s money. So there are clues here that stuff is different. But perhaps not enough.

Anyway, Jess runs after Rory and begs her to stop. Rory goes on about imagining what Jess would say at that moment and what he says… “I love you.” And with that, he leaves.

Why does he do this? Why leave? Why say this, potentially hurting Rory?? What is it all about?

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