The Newest Rumor About Why Solange Attacked Jay Z Has To Do With Rihanna

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Rihanna pushing her hair back GIFThis feud between Solange Knowles and Jay Z is getting more famous by the second, as now Rihanna‘s name is getting pulled into it as well. In case anyone's keeping track, that brings the total of involved mononymous singers to three, once you count Beyonce as well.

The video that was released of Solange assaulting Jay in the elevator of The Standard Hotel after the Met Ball didn't have any audio  to it, but that hasn't stopped anyone from speculating about what the confrontation is about. People has a source claiming that Solange was ‘provoked by Rachel [Roy]‘ in some way, a designer and long time friend of the family, while others insist that Solange was ‘yelling at other people at the party' long before her conversation with Rachel took place.

According to that take on the situation, Beyonce saw that her sister was heated and intervened with a warning, one that Jay Z supposedly ignored later in the evening. 

“Jay said something inappropriate to Beyoncé and Solange, and she snapped. When they got in the elevator, it escalated quickly the way family tensions can. It got exceptionally heated the way family moments can. Solange is super protective of Beyoncé.”

And as to what it was that would have set Solange off, The New York Daily News has a source claiming that it was a party hosted by Rihanna. Apparently Jay and Solange had been having friction all night, as several of her non-famous guests allegedly crashed the party by dropping Jay's name instead of Beyonce's.

“They were pretending they were guests of his and not hers. Management went to Julius (Beyonce's bodyguard) and said there's a problem.”

After this interaction, Jay allegedly confronted Solange and told her not to use his name, at which point she decided she wanted to leave. Jay then opted to get ready to leave for Rihanna's party on his own, making a phone call to inform someone that he wouldn't need extra security. This was apparently the last straw for Solange, and the one that triggered the violent exchange we saw in the elevator.

“She said, ‘Why can't you go home?' and to Beyonce ‘Why does your husband need to go to the club right now?'”

“You're one to talk,” Jay replied.

Aside from the fact that anyone who was in a position to hear this conversation is either invisible or an Animagus, I don't know that I buy this story. After all this time, why would either of the Knowles sisters be so defensive about Rihanna? It doesn't make sense. I think it'll just take time now for everything to settle back down and some real truth to come out.

Everything's all confused right now, including us. Like that post we wrote up this morning? About Solange deleting Beyonce from her InstagramBuzzFeed found at least three more shots of Bey that we all missed because we got too caught up in this whole thing. So we should all take a breather and come back to this when there's some actual information. (Easier said than done, but I'll do my best!)