Who’s Prettier: Hunger Games Jennifer Lawrence, Or Simpsons-ized Jennifer Lawrence?

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Have you seen these Simpsons-ized Hunger Games characters? They're pretty cool, as are the actual Hunger Games characters. But because everything is a contest: WHO IS HOTTER?

On the left we have Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen. She is strong, brave and resourceful. She volunteers to fight in the Hunger Games so that her sister doesn't have to. She probably does a lot of other cool stuff too, but I haven't seen the movie yet or read any of the books. She is very pretty!

On the right, we have Simpsons-ized Jennifer Lawrence. She is also strong and brave, as well as having bright yellow skin and exaggerated lips and cheekbones. She maybe knows Lisa Simpson. She is also very pretty!


I'm also a fan of Simpsons-ized Effie Trinket:

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