Who’s Coming In General Hospital?

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nazaninboniadi.jpgNazanin Boniadi is staying as Intern Nurse Leyla. As a matter of fact, she is now on permanent status. Of course Robin is not going to be happy about it, heh. Oh well. Leyla is cute so I'm not surprised that Robin is mighty jealous of her. Patrick is a lady's man so no surprise there.

bruceweitz.jpgAnthony Zacchara's face will be revealed soon. Watch out for Bruce Weitz to play the thorn on Sonny's behind. Bruce is an Emmy winning actor who's been in many many primetime shows like ER, Grey's Anatomy, and Ghost Whisperer and movies like Deep Impact and Cayote Summer. Anthony Zacchara will make his first appearance in Port Charles on October 12th, Friday.

clairecoffee.jpgClaire Coffee will be arriving on the canvas as the new bombshell in the lives of Patrick, Robin and Epiphany. Claire is playing Nadine, Intern Jolene's(Night Shift) sister. Watch for Nadine to make her debut on October 5th. Claire Coffee's credits are the following : NAVY NCIS, CSI, The West Wing, and many more.

jaypickett.jpgRemember Jay Pickett as Frank Scanlon from GH's sister defunct soap Port Charles? Well, he will be showing up in Port Charles as a new character. This time he will be Detective David Harper starting on October 9th. A new man in town, hmmm. Maybe someone for Sam, hehehe. And of course it's a cop. Won't that just burn Jason and Sonny's ego. And I'm sure Lucky's ears will be wagging too if Detective Harper shows interest on Sam 😉