Who Will Be Crowned “Top Chef'”s Sixth Winner Tonight?

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It’s that time for the final three of Top Chef to cook the best meal of their whole lives. Or the meal that will make them worthy of a prize from the Glad family of products.

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Bravo/Virginia Sherwood

1. Bryan Voltaggio: 0 Quickfire Wins, 4 Elimination Challenge Wins
2. Michael Voltaggio: 2 Quickfire Wins, 3 Elimination Challenge Wins, 1 time in the bottom three
3. Kevin Gillepsie: 2 Quickfire Wins, 4 Elimination Challenge Wins, including winning the very first challenge, 1 time in the bottom three

It’s significant to point out that Kevin won the first elimination challenge because all but two of the winners of the past 5 seasons also won the first challenge. The exceptions were last season’s Hosea Rosenberg and Season 3’s Hung Huynh, although Hung was the second runner-up on Season 3’s first challenge. So, judging on these odds, I say Kevin will win tonight.

After the jump, check out a video Bravo made wrapping up the whole season in 4 minutes! So, you can feel better about all those Wednesdays you wasted watching the show live. If you’re on Twitter, I’ll be live-tweeting @bravofan. Promise not to spoil it for West Coast readers! Trust me dudes, I feel your pain!