Finnick Watch 2012: Your Comprehensive Guide To The Casting Rumors About Catching Fire’s Finnick Odair

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who should play Finnick Odair casting Catching FireWith The Hunger Games sequel Catching Fire set to start filming in August, the biggest casting question on fans' minds is: Who will play Finnick Odair? The hunky District 4 victor who gets thrown back into the Games alongside Katniss and Peeta is an enduring character because of his many reversals; the role will require a young Hollywood star with a great physique, willingness to throw a trident, and loads of charisma. Back when we thought that Gary Ross would be reprising his role as director, of course press were hounding him for clues as to who he had in mind. But unfortunately, he played his cards very close to his chest:

“I mean, somewhere, I know it was in the press, I said I had an idea for Finnick Odair. But I don't really. You start to have ideas as you read, obviously I read the books several times, and I went, oh this guy might be good or that guy might be good. And then I made the terrible mistake of saying that to the press.”

We made some guesses last year, but now that Catching Fire is more concrete, most of them don't fit. So we've done some intensive Googling and come up with the strapping young men who've actually been associated with the part over the past few weeks. And by that I mean that a certain subset of fans have nominated them and then they've responded in interviews or over Twitter. Take from them what you will, but now you'll be straight on Jesse Williams vs. Daniel Newman vs. Robert Pattinson, and the status of each.

Jesse Williams Finnick Odair Catching Fire

Jesse Williams: The latest fan nomination, Jesse is an unexpected choice, and yet he fits pretty well after he impressed us in Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard‘s The Cabin in the Woods. When E! Online caught up with him to get his perspective on the possibility, he seemed enthusiastic but not uber-committed:

“I have heard that! I've seen a lot of that on Twitter. I didn't know what the heck a Finnick was when I was getting a lot of the questions about it… I've since been educated, and that's fun. People are really, really excited about it. There's a website that's dedicated to it—Jesse for Finnick. It's kind of taking on a mind of its own. People are creative about that kind of stuff, and now I'll try to figure out if that's something that's interesting to me.”

We have to say, the real Finnick wouldn't demur this much.

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Armie Hammer Finnick Odair Catching Fire

Armie Hammer: Since last year, I've been on the “Armie Hammer for Finnick” bandwagon, gushing over photos of him on the official Facebook fan campaign page and analyzing the facets of his performances in The Social Network, Mirror Mirror, and the upcoming The Lone Ranger. Unfortunately, the news that Armie has taken on the thriller Cut Bank means that he won't realistically be around to shoot Catching Fire in the limited four months the crew has this summer. It's like when Robert Downey Jr. couldn't swing both The Avengers and The Hunger Games… and honestly, he was awesome reprising his role as Tony Stark.

Photo: Armie-Hammer.org

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