5 Facts About People En Espanol’s Sexiest Man Alive William Levy

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Initially when I saw that People had determined a Sexiest Man Alive, my heart briefly contracted because I still hope against hope that Tom Hiddleston could take on the mantle. Then I realized that this was People en Espanol, and while I could appreciate the shirtless, chiseled creature on the cover, I had no idea who he actually was. It turns out that this year's “el hombre mas sexy” William Levy, while he got his roots as a telenovela star, has already captured Americans' hearts in more ways than one. Here's what you should know about him!

1. Thanks to his looks and charm, William has been dubbed “the Cuban Brad Pitt.” However, he hasn't let the comparison go to his head, and even admits that it puts more pressure on him. “He's putting me in a really hard position here, you know?” he joked to Yahoo! earlier this year. “I mean, being compared to that guy is not good.”

2. William is the hunk you see on the new crop of M&Ms commercials, where he's telling the brown M&M that he loves her for what's inside… that is, her milk chocolate interior. I remember thinking, “Who is this chiseled man who it almost hurts to look at?” Also, when he says, “And I love that about you,” it's really funny.

3. Like many of People‘s Sexiest Men, William has received the illustrious title more than once. But how many of the American stars can say they've been named Sexiest Man two years in a row? None of them, that's who.

4. The hunk has had his share of Hollywood tabloid drama in the past few years. Some of it was harmless, like him being linked to Jennifer Lopez after appearing in her “I'm Into You” video. But last year a woman tried to sue him for sexual battery: She claimed he trapped her in a hotel room, forced her to perform oral sex on him, and passed along an STD. He denied the allegations and countersued for $10 million claiming extortion and defamation.

5. William was a surprise hit on this past season of Dancing with the Stars, salsa-ing alongside Cheryl Burke and inspiring thunderous applause in his first dance alone. Ultimately, they finished in third place, which is pretty damn impressive!

Photo: People en Espanol