Who Is This Van Partible Guy Anyway?

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Do you remember me telling you about Van Partible? No? Well I mentioned him, but only briefly, and I did not really tell you about him.

Van Partible is the creator, writer, director, and producer of Johnny Bravo, an animated TV series about “The misadventures of a dumb blond egomanaic who is deluded about his own manliness.”

More importantly, dear Medium fan, Van is the producer/director of the animated sequences you will see in the Medium season premiere ‘Four Dreams’ this Wednesday. He created The Monkeyheads as a show-within-a-show to which the DuBois girls are devoted. Bridgette dreams about The Monkeyheads, but what starts out as extraordinarily pleasant “just keep getting grimmer and grimmer,” says Van.

Check out NBC’s Behind-The-Scenes Video to see how the animation was done. When you are done, click on “Video” to see other available Medium fare. Here is a picture to help you find the link once you get there:

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NBC has interviews with Glenn Gordon Caron, Jake Weber, and Patricia Arquette in addition to the Behind the Scenes video.

For related stories about animation in the Medium premiere, see Cartoon Brew and Sci-Fi.com.

Although not related to Medium, you may also enjoy an earlier Seeingblack.com interview with Dan Haskett, the master animator who designed The Monkeyheads. I found the following excerpt especially interesting:

Q: Isn’t much of animation now being done in Asia?

Haskett: Yes and that’s a sore spot here. The actual animating of the figures is not done here anymore—so if it is your true desire to do that kind of work, you can’t do it here. That’s the part of the process that Americans consider “manufacturing” and so they ship it out to get the cheapest price. At the very beginning some of the main countries were Mexico, Japan, Korea and China. Now the main countries would be China, Korea the Philippines –and India is starting to make a big inroad as well.

Van had mentioned being excited about working with L.A.-based animators, Six Point Harness Studios, because animation is usually done overseas. I didn’t really understand that last part until I read Dan Haskett’s interview.


  • Van’s Animator Profile on Cartoon Network Latin America.
  • Wikipedia reports: It is popularly believed that Johnny Bravo’s name came from Greg Brady’s stage name from an episode of The Brady Bunch, and it is possible that creator Van Partible was influenced by this source. However, in an interview that aired on Cartoon Network prior to the debut of Johnny Bravo as an ongoing series, Partible stated that “Johnny Bravo” was a derivation of his full given name, “Giovanni Bravissimo
    Partible”. [Editor’s note: I don’t know about the Giovanni part, but I was in the room last week when Van said, “It is totally The Brady Bunch.”]
  • Van’s brother Leo Partible is a comic book writer/screenwriter and has a blog at Infuze Magazine.

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