Open Thread: If You Could Vanish One Celeb From The World, Whom Would It Be?

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Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow go away GIFYou guys, I have a very important question. If there was one celebrity that you could erase from the world, whom would it be? Oh and obviously it can't be Justin Bieber, because that's everyone's answer, as I discovered this week. Seriously, I knew people didn't like the guy, but at this point, I wouldn't be surprised if Orlando Bloom got offered the knighthood just for throwing a punch at him.

It seems like that's everybody's dream, to punch little old Joffrey Bieber right in his bean, but we can't do that! First of all, because we can't just go hitting anyone who bothers us (unless he sleeps with your wife Miranda Kerr and brags about it right into your face, in which case I'll turn a blind eye), but second of all, because it wouldn't be satisfying! Justin is beyond learning from his experiences by now, so once you bopped him one, he'd just come bobbing back up, annoying as ever, already getting his new tattoo.

The real trick is to be able to blink your eyes and just have him vanish from the face of the earth. Or at least, the face of the internet. That's the dream. But it's already everybody's dream, so come up with a new one! Let me know who you want to evaporate in a non-violent puff of smoke, and we'll all put our brains to it.

I've thought a lot about it and I think my choice…man, I don't know. It's tough, because some of the dumbest people out there are also the most necessary to my job, because I'd have nothing to write about if they didn't open their mouths. So with that in mind, my choice is…

Chris Brown.

Don't like him, don't need him, could do without him. VANISH THYSELF! But whom do you guys choose? Let me know!

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