Who Is Reality Steve And How Does He Know So Many Spoilers For The Bachelor?

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News comes today that the producers of The Bachelor are suing a guy who calls himself “Reality Steve” for the second time in two years over his revelation of spoilers for their show on his for-profit website. The suit alleges that Steve breached a previous settlement by soliciting information from cast and crew members who were contractually obligated not to reveal anything. Steve claims he did not tamper with any contracts, and says the lawsuit is just evidence that his spoilers are true. But who is this magical man who seems to know so much about the outcome of The Bachelor? I will now attempt to answer some of your questions.

1. Who is Reality Steve?

Reality Steve's real name is Stephen Carbone. He lives in Dallas, TX and appears to have a dog.

2. What does Reality Steve do for a living?

He makes money off selling ads on his Reality TV website RealitySteve.com and is said to have a book deal in the works. He also helps out with his dad's business, which represents foreign linen companies. This job has flexible hours so he has plenty of time to watch TV, blog about TV, and research spoiler information.

3. From whence did Reality Steve come?

According to this article, Reality Steve was born in New York and lived in the Bronx until he was three, then moved with his family to the O.C., then to Texas (after he graduated high school). He started college in Texas but finished in California. Then he moved back to Texas to help with his dad's business. Cool story, bro.

4. What other jobs has Reality Steve had?

He was a radio sports broadcaster for eight years, including a 2006-2008 stint at The Ticket 1310 in Dallas.

5. How did Reality Steve get his start in TV blogging?

He began emailing recaps of Joe Millionaire around to his friends in 2003. Then he started blogging regularly about the shows he watched. In 2009, he revealed a major plot twist on The Bachelor (i.e. Jason Mesnick was going to dump winner Melissa Rycroft for runner-up Molly Malaney), and that's when his site's traffic blew up.

6. How does Reality Steve know so much about The Bachelor?

He has never revealed his sources, but he made numerous connections in the entertainment industry during his sportscaster years, so that probably helps. His spoilers haven't always been true, which leads me to believe he could be making educated guesses sometimes. He claims he doesn't get information from people under contract, but of course, he could be lying about that. Perhaps they wear disguises when they talk to him so he “doesn't know” who they are. There is also a chance he's psychic, but only with regards to The Bachelor-related information. What a gift.

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