Video: Adorable Little Girl Tells Pippa Middleton She Hates Princesses

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Ever have a faux pas with someone where you're like “I hate skateboarders” and they're all like, “my brother happens to be a pro skateboarder, thanks much, asshole”? Well, a little girl just did that to Pippa Middleton and did not give one fuck.

While hosting a children's Halloween party to promote her new book Celebrate: A Year of Festivities for Families and Friends the famed party planner/celebrity sibling/butt haver met an adorable six-year-old girl whom one might call a “tomboy,” if it were the 1950s and girls were still expected to only like girl things. “I bet when you're ten, you'll love pink and you'll love princesses,” she challenged the girl, who shot back with “I hate princesses. I like vampires.” At which Pippa became visibly amused, as one should.

This video is priceless not only for the faux pas, but to hear tiny English children saying “I like vampi-yahs” in their cute little English accents over and over. I think I'm going to loop that and play it at my Halloween party this year.

(Via Gossip Cop)