Video: Paul Ryan Could Be Our Nation’s First Bro President

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Paul Ryan‘s ridiculous exercise themed photoshoot with Time is so perfectly perfect on its own that it's almost too easy to satirize. But that doesn't mean we shouldn't take a stab at it!

A new video from The Second City Network gives us a peek into what went on behind the scenes of Ryan's already infamous photoshoot. Apparently, it was much as you'd expect. Festooned with a backwards baseball cap, Ryan talks about how he was in a fraternity (no, really?), refers to his muscles as “job creators,” and waxes philosophical on how he could be “the first president who's bro.” My favorite part, though, is when he says he doesn't do p90x, but p1000x, because “I'm really good at math, so I get extra numbers when I do stuff.” The mental image of shrooming your face off with him at a DMB concert is a close second, if only for the existential terror it inspires.

My only quarrel? It's too short. But that leaves plenty of room for others to jump in on the fun.

(Via HuffPost)