Video: Creed’s Scott Stapp Dissing Obama Is Tantamount To An Endorsement

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The other night, Fox News' circus sideshow Fox and Friends has seasoned political commentator Scott Stapp on to talk about why he's not voting for Barack Obama in the upcoming election. Besides shocking us with how much he's starting to resemble a geriatric Ozzy Osbourne, I think Stapp might have had the unintended effect of boosting support for the president.

This is for the obvious reason that Stapp is one of the single most hated bro rockers in all of music history, especially among those most likely to vote democratic. (I'm basing this on the “culture wars” and the fact that republicans and shitty music go together like neo-cons and Zionism.) A lot of Obama's former supporters are probably feeling similarly disillusioned, but do they want to be like Scott Stapp, the guy who wrote “My Own Prison”? Hell no! Better get out the vote, then.

Then there's the actual content of what Stapp said on Fox and Friends, which includes “yeah man, when you tear down that wall, do it” and “my heart and soul would really like someone like Reagan or FDR to come back. Give us a new deal.” Because Reagan and FDR are basically interchangeable. He also called the current recession “the great correction” and said he thinks it's necessary “for us to grow.” Tell us more, oh gravel-voiced economics sensei!

Stapp is nothing if not sincere, but maybe he's trickier than we think. I mean, how much more would you respect him if you found out he was using his negative image to energize the POTUS' base? Not because Obama's the shit or anything, but because that would just be a neat way to harness the country's hatred of him for his own personal ends. Next step: endorsing Romney.

(Via The Atlantic)