13 Other Celebrity Issues We Should Be Blaming On Lil Za

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Justin Bieber and Lil Za shirtless dancing GIF(via)

With this recent raid on Justin Bieber‘s house over the alleged egging of a neighboring property, a lot of you are probably hearing the name Lil Za for the first time. At least I hope you are — I wouldn't wish the intimate knowledge of Bieber's life on anyone besides a pop culture blogger.

He's a guy who just happens to live at Justin's house, along with another friend, Lil Twist, and who got arrested on felony charges during Egg Raid 2K14 for having molly and Xanax out in plain sight. Because somehow, even though it's Justin's house, the authorities weren't able to make a connection between him and the drugs. So while it's a step in the right direction toward Justin finally meeting with some consequences in his life, it still falls (a lil) short, since it was Za taking the rap instead of our pal Biebs.

But now that I've started thinking about it, there are probably a lot of celebrity mishaps that Lil Za should have taken the heat for, right? After all, why should Justin be the only one with a lil scapegoat in his petting zoo? Share the love to these other celebrities who also need someone in their lives to take the blame for their decisions!

Shia LaBeouf Laughing


Did you guys know that Lil Za was the guy who made Shia LaBeouf take drugs and pull his own tooth on set? He did it via mind control, which is really effed up.

lindsay lohan photo shoot black dress


I've heard that Lil Za used a remote control that works on humans to make Lindsay Lohan punch that girl in the face last year!

kevin and danielle jonas black and white



paula deen blah blah


Rumor is, Lil Za snuck into Paula Deen‘s bedroom every night for two months and whispered racist thoughts in her ear.

miley cyrus be yourself


And to add insult to injury, he wore Miley Cyrus like a skin and twerked on Robin Thicke‘s crotch at the Video Music Awards! What an invasion of privacy!

lena dunham car


Lil Za is the reason that Girls is even worse this year, and that Hannah is no longer the voice of her generation.

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