Video: Jaden Smith, Son Of Will Smith, Rap-Brags About Being Rich

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Jaden Smith is all grown up, you guys! Or rather, he's 14 now, which is apparently old enough to rap about girls and money.

On his new single “The Coolest,” the pint-sized celebrity offspring tries to follow in his dad's footsteps by rapping about how awesome he is. Early in, he includes this line:

“I be flippin' 'cause they slippin', and they dippin' in the pool, they say I'm cool and they be droolin' cause I'm super rich.”

Um, Jaden? The only reason anyone tolerates rappers bragging about being “super rich” is because they're bragging about coming up from poverty and succeeding against all odds. (And even then, it grates. Good for you, you hacked a horrible system and are now a part of it!) With two rich and famous parents, Jaden Smith is pretty much guaranteed to be successful at whatever he decides to do, especially if it's in the entertainment field. He may already have earned more money than most adults ever will, but “having your dad put you in movies” is not the coolest hustle on the block.

That said, it's kind of cute to hear him rap about “sippin' on a soda” and  “chillin' with a hottie, she's really into yoga.” What's that supposed to mean?? Should Will Smith be supervising his son's social activities better? I feel like this kid's already gotten like a hundred blowjobs. Because he's rich, ya dig? There's also the disconcerting way he's giving the camera his 14-year-old idea of sex eyes, running his hands through his hair, and generally being super into himself. Was Will Smith ever this vain? I remember him being kind of goofy and humble. But I guess that's what happens when you raise kids on “ME ME ME” pseudo-science self-help cult The Secret.

(Via The Sun)