Your Favorite New Tumblr Will Probably Be ‘Who Is Frank Ocean?’

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Frank Ocean 2013 grammys

If you're at all into pop culture, music or reading things on the Internet, then you probably heard about Frank Ocean before the 2013 Grammys. Sadly, you're probably also in the minority right now. Because apparently a lot of the people watching the Grammy Awards last night did not know who Frank Ocean was — and therefore did not understand why he kept leaving his seat to make speeches on stage. Every time the camera panned to Frank Ocean, they'd point at the TV, turn to their friends and shout, “that guy! Who is that guy!” And their friend would say, “I dunno, Tommy Rivers or something.”

While some people might be reading this and shaking their heads, I'm giddy with glee over the news. Because as an internet aficionado, I know that a tumblr always follows in the wake of widespread internet ignorance. Before the show even ended last night, someone launched “Who is Frank Ocean” — a collection of tweets asking that very question.

Did these people mean to type that question into Google instead of Twitter? No, no they didn't. Bing? Not a chance. Ask Jeeves? Go back to 1999 you time traveler!

Despite taking time out of their lives to watch a music awards show, they preferred to tweet out their ignorance and make a strong point about how little they know about it. It, being music. It's cute. 

Almost as cute people defending Chris Brown's choice to remain seated when Frank Ocean won the award for best urban contemporary album.  Oh the Internet! It's so full of people I would never want to eat brunch with in real life. You know, the kind of people who watched this performance and thought, “security! get this weirdo off stage! he doesn't even go here!”

(Photo: Adriana M. Barraza/WENN.com)