5 Facts About Anthony Ingruber, The Age Of Adaline’s Harrison Ford Lookalike

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If you see Blake Lively’s new movie The Age of Adaline this weekend, be prepared to do a quadruple take in your seat when you see the younger version of Harrison Ford’s character. No, that’s a not the real Harrison with Benjamin Button CGI. It’s also not clips from Harrison’s old movies. It’s 25-year-old actor Anthony Ingruber.

Since you’re guaranteed to walk out of the theater asking, “Who was that and when can he star in remakes of all of Harrison Ford’s movies?” we decided to help you out. We’ve rounded up five facts to help you get to know Anthony better. We have a feeling he’s going to be a big deal.

1. This is his first feature film.

Anthony’s IMDb page includes roles in various short films and TV projects, but other than an uncredited role in Avatar (more on that in a second), this is his first time appearing in a major motion picture. First movie and he’s playing young Harrison Ford? Not too shabby.

2. He’s been doing impressions of Harrison Ford for years.

What makes Anthony’s presence in the film so much more amazing is that not only does he look just like Harrison Ford, he also acts just like him, nailing everything from the voice to the that signature smirk. That’s because Anthony has been imitating Harrison (and other stars) for years. His YouTube channel has dozens of videos featuring his impressions of everyone from Jack Nicholson to Sean Connery. In fact, that’s how he was discovered for the role in Adaline.

3. Harrison Ford is a hero of his.

In an interview with The Bearded Trio, Anthony talked about what it was like working on the same movie as the actor who’s inspired him so much:

“It was a very surreal and fantastic experience working on the same set as the man who was your inspiration to become an actor and your childhood hero. The entire series of events leading up to getting cast in this film and the actual role itself was such a whirlwind and really a childhood dream come true.”

4. He worked on the set of Avatar.

After high school Anthony worked with special effects company Weta Workshop in New Zealand (also known for the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit movies) and assisted with makeup, costumes and props on the project.

5. Lots of people want him to play Han Solo.

There’s been speculation for a while now that one of three upcoming Star Wars spin-offs being planned by Disney will focus on a young Han Solo. People all over the Internet are saying Anthony should get the role. There’s even a Facebook page petitioning for it, and it has over 600 likes! Come on, let’s make this happen.