11 Things Whitney Houston’s $187,000 Funeral Could Have Paid For On A College Campus

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11 Things Whitney Houston s  187 000 Funeral Could Have Paid For On A College Campus Whitney Houston Funeral Newark Costs jpg

CBS News reports that the city of Newark spent $187,000 on Whitney Houston‘s funeral. While some Newark citizens agree that the extra police security to prevent a stampede was necessary, other people think it’s disgraceful that 5% of the police’s yearly budget went toward this one funeral.

While we see the merits of both arguments, we can’t help but think how far that $187,000 would go on a college campus. Like seriously far. So far that it almost feels like Monopoly money.

Unsure of whether $187,000 is a lot of money, just take a look at our list of how much it could buy you on a typical college campus.

After seeing this list, it’s harder to justify that cost for one funeral, even if it’s Whitney Houston and even if she had an amazing voice.

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