Now That We Know Why Whitney Houston Died, Can We Let Her Rest In Peace?

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Last night the coroner's office released the results of Whitney Houston‘s autopsy which revealed that cocaine and a heart condition led to her accidential drowning in the hotel bathtub. While people publicly speculated for weeks about what caused her sudden death, we now have official answers — and they don't change anything. Whitney Houston is still dead after a lifelong battle with addiction.

With the exception of Cissy, no one's shocked to find out that cocaine contributed to Whitney's death. Even though she claimed to be clean, the stories published about her out partying right before her death told us otherwise.

In the past six weeks since she died, we've talked about her life, her death, her battles with drugs as well as the legacy she leaves behind. We've dissected her past relationships, questioned her sexuality, discussed her drug abuse, played the infamous Diane Sawyer interview, listened to her music and viewed her casket photo. We're a country obsessed with this one woman's death and we can't get enough of the drama.

When the Whitney gossip was no longer enough to satiate our curious minds, we talked about her daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown, her drug use, her alcohol abuse and her possible romantic relationship with her adopted brother. We watched when Oprah interviewed her and sat glued to the television, hoping for a new piece of information, something juicy, something to confirm all the rumors. We sat back with disappointment when that didn't happen and we had nothing new to discuss.

Until the autopsy results were released yesterday and we could once again talk about Whitney's death, her tragic life and her drug addiction. But I'm hoping after this that we're done with Whitney Houston. That we let her go, that we leave her daughter alone and that we finally her rest in peace.