The National Enquirer Nabs A Photo Of Whitney Houston In Her Casket

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Whitney Houston casket photo funeralDid you want to see this photo of Whitney Houston‘s corpse in her casket? Because it's staring at you from the cover of The National Enquirer at every gas station and grocery store check-out line.

The Enquirer has really outdone itself: Last week, they staged a model slumped in a bathtub to recreate how Whitney's friends found her dead. And now they've infiltrated her private viewing — look how proudly they proclaim that in the headline — to snap an illicit photo with someone's camera phone.

It's becoming more and more commonplace to see photos of dead celebrities and/or political figures. Consider the disturbing autopsy photo of Michael Jackson‘s corpse that surfaced during the Conrad Murray trial, or the fact that you can probably track down the video of Saddam Hussein‘s execution if you look hard enough.  [tagbox tag=”celebrity deaths”]

I agree with Jezebel: Images are news. However, there's a line being crossed here because Houston's family obviously didn't release this image to the public, not to mention the fact that it's slapped on the cover of a publication you see in a setting as banal as the supermarket. Not that Bobbi Kristina Brown does her own shopping, but imagine seeing your mother's corpse every time you go out for a gallon of milk.

Is it really not enough that the family televised and live-streamed Whitney's funeral for all of her fans?

Update: You criticized, and we answered—explaining why we called out the Enquirer even as we reposted this photo.